PLEASE PRAY for Pastor Edwin, Aleida, and the others on the front lines in Peru and that God would continue to bring people open or seeking to know the One True God and His hope for the kingdom.

Eddie (from Trujillo) is helping Edwin’s father-in-law and César as an evangelist in Chulucanas.


Edwin’s father-in-law has sown the word of the Kingdom in Tumbes and Las Lomas, Piura District, with success; there are many interested persons there.


[In this map you can see Chulucanas off to the right, Piura City in middle, and Paita to the left on the coast. Carey, Jenny and Alane were in Chulucanas and Paita the summer of 2017, and the 3rd annual Conference was held in Paita. The red arrow indicates the location of Las Lomas and you can see Tumbes in that area also. This is northern Peru.]

Edwin and his wife Aleida are teaching Bible exegesis to a small group in the center of Trujillo (a few miles from their home). Also, Miguel Flores has gained two disciples and a man named Jonathan Cruz has recently joined us.

The church of God of the Abrahamic Faith in Lima is growing slowly but surely. There were 9 people at the Sunday service (Jan. 7), 5 of whom are new. We are planning to launch classes for children and teens. Everyone is working well together now, each one using the gifts that God has given. God is helping us. We ordered 6000 tracts so that one of the brothers can evangelize in the area of the church.